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A Template for Success

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A Template for Success

Tips for converting your existing presentations and customizing available presentation templates.

Have you accessed the most recent version of the IEEE Corporate Presentation templates found on the IEEE Brand Experience site? Did you know the industry standard leans toward a 16:9 widescreen format?

The IEEE-branded PowerPoint, Google Slide, and Keynote template versions have been updated with a number of improvements and in order to address some of the issues with file size. Look for the main template version with refreshed photos and ability to edit imagery and include program logos within the format.

Find the template that best suits your needs and learn how to merge presentation themes.

View the video below to find out more:

image showing various PowerPoint templates

The video covers quick tips on the following topics:

1. Merging presentations
Have you encountered some strange formatting when merging your existing decks with the new versions? There are ways to address the unexpected format glitches when mixing designs and formats.

IEEE Corporate PowerPoint Presentation Cover Slide

2. Working with imagery

Need to add or replace an image in a presentation? Our updated templates and new design options include the ability to replace images on the provided optional cover slides. Useful tips:

  • Click twice to reveal the cropping and shift image within the picture window.
  • Maintain proportions—Hold down the shift key to maintain proportions.
  • Avoid stray background colors in logos—Use a transparent png version of your logo or wordmark for best results to avoid a “white box” when adding logos to a colored background. Maintain contrast and legibility when choosing where to place a logo on an existing image or background color.
  • Resize your image without distortion— Click twice on the image you wish to edit to reveal the ability to crop and decrease or increase the image size within the picture box when needed. HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY to maintain the aspect ratio.

3. Adding your program logo or brand elements

Look for the available options where you can insert a program logo or wordmark.

4. Looking for another “pre-branded” design theme?

There are also numerous color and design alternates for use. View the options for editable branded presentation templates for staff meetings and any IEEE marketing communications. 

Visit the Presentation Templates section of the site and view the many visual themes, all with built-in “Unmistakably IEEE”  brand

5. Ever tried the Google Slides versions? 
These allow you to collaborate and see changes in real time. Find all the color accent series in Google Slide format.

NOTE: Remember to save a copy of these versions to your local drive when accessing these options.

Check out these resource links for PowerPoint:

Contact the IEEE Experience Design Team with questions. 

Look for more on troubleshooting and further detail about merging existing presentation themes with new templates in future Brand Experience Bulletins!