IEEE Web Management Newsletter gets a new name and swag!

The IEEE Web Management Newsletter is being updated with a new name, frequency, and format. Starting with this instance, the newsletter will be now be called the IEEE Brand Experience Bulletin. It will be sent from the Experience Design (ExD) Team on an as-needed basis. We are aiming for a minimum frequency of one article or announcement a month to keep in touch with all of you.

The scope of the IEEE Web Management Newsletter has evolved over the past few years with more information on various digital topics becoming available from industry experts to there being an increased need to share best practice and governance announcements by the Experience Design Team. Further, the scope of the newsletter has expanded to being more than just web, to be more inclusive of digital and brand topics as well.

You can expect the same friendly tone and high quality of content you have seen to date but at the same time be more relevant to your role within the IEEE digital space. While the bulletin will be used as an outreach tool for the ExD team, it will also aim to promote awareness and training opportunities for our staff and volunteer partners.

Archived newsletters are available on the IEEE Brand Experience Bulletin web page.

Thank you for continued readership. We welcome any feedback or comments via email at