The IEEE meta-navigation is a menu that appears on all IEEE websites allowing visitors to quickly access IEEE flagship websites and options.

image showing sample IEEE meta navigation links

Sample meta-navigation

The IEEE meta-navigation must be designed using the following required criteria:

  • Placement: Outside of the main page above the site header. Within the meta-navigation:
    • Site links must appear at the upper-left and flushed left to the edge.
    • The upper-right side is reserved for single sign-on links if applicable to a website. To request
      single sign-on, please work with your IEEE employee representative to initiate a project with IEEE Information Technology. IEEE volunteers can reach out to the
      IEEE Experience Design Team at to start this process.
  • Links: Align site links to the left side of the page in the following order, with the noted destinations:
    • IEEE Xplore Digital Library: (The word “Xplore” must be italicized)
    • IEEE Standards:
    • IEEE Spectrum:
    • More sites:
  • Size: Minimum height of 30–40 pixels
  • Link interaction: Should only underline upon hover and have no “visited” link color change
  • Link separation symbol: Should be a vertical bar (l)
  • Typography: Recommend Open Sans, no smaller than 12px
  • Color: Light or dark text can be used depending upon the background color/contrast


Helpful links: