IEEE Brand Ambassador Certification Information

We are looking for current IEEE Brand Ambassadors to help promote IEEE Brand knowledge in their local IEEE geographic units and IEEE communities as a best-in-class IEEE Brand Ambassador Expert—a key informational resource on the practical application and use of the IEEE Master Brand, our brand elements, and our extended brand trademarks and tools in communications.

The Experience Design Team will be providing a 3-step assessment opportunity to existing IEEE Brand Ambassadors, to start your journey towards IEEE Brand Ambassador Expert status and recognition. Those qualifying in each round of assessment will be selected to participate in the next round of assessment until they complete all 3 rounds of assessment.

After all 3 phases are passed, IEEE Brand Ambassador Experts will be awarded a formal certificate from IEEE. If you do not pass in the first phase of the certification process, you will have one more opportunity to pass the assessment in order to move into the next phase.

image showing the IEEE Brand Ambassador Certification steps

Phase 1 assessment:

The assessment will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Those qualifying in the first assessment will receive additional communications with next steps. Due to the interest in the program and assessment, we communicate quarterly on assessment related next steps.

The first assessment is based on IEEE Brand resources and materials that exist on the IEEE Brand Experience and websites. Use the following resources to help you identify the correct answers:

Begin first assessment

Please note: You may be prompted to sign in to Google to complete the assessment. Only current IEEE Brand Ambassadors can apply for the IEEE Brand Ambassador Expert status.

Next phase related information

Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the IEEE Brand Ambassador Certification will be communicated in early 2021 to those who qualify in Phase 1.

Contact information

Questions can be directed to the IEEE Brand Ambassador Contact Form.

Inquiries about the IEEE brand and its usage can be directed to the IEEE Brand Inquiries Form.