FAQs for the IEEE Brand Ambassadors Program

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQS) related to the IEEE Brand Ambassadors Program.

To see FAQs regarding the IEEE brand, please reference the IEEE Brand FAQs page.

Can I get a personalized certificate for IEEE Brand Ambassador Program recognition?

Due to the volume of requests and interest that we get in this program, we cannot issue personalized certificates at this time. The Brand Ambassador role is really one of raising education and awareness. The program is intended to engage and share responsibility for the IEEE brand, and the goal is to have everyone want to comply with the IEEE brand. The brand is something that we all need to be concerned about. We are here to help show how to bring something into compliance with the IEEE brand. You are always welcome to use and share resources from the IEEE Brand Experience website for your IEEE activities.

Where can I send questions related to the IEEE Brand?

You can submit your inquiry via the IEEE Brand Inquiries Form. Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply.

Who can apply to be an IEEE Brand Ambassador?

Qualifications to become a Brand Ambassador include any one of the following:

  • Responsibility for communications, promotions, or marketing for an IEEE geographic area, technical community, event, and/or program on behalf of IEEE
  • Responsibility for management, maintenance, content, development, design, and/or user experience of any digital property representing IEEE in some capacity, including websites, apps, and social media
  • Responsibility to help others understand more about IEEE

I am an IEEE Brand Ambassador, how can I help?

Each day, people across the globe interact with IEEE to bring about technological innovation and excellence. This is done through various points of interaction a person has with IEEE. All of these touch points – be they large or small – should be an authentic reflection of who we are and what we value.

  • The Brand Ambassador role has the goal of raising education and awareness. The program is intended to engage and share responsibility for the IEEE brand, and the goal is to have everyone want to comply with the IEEE brand.
  • You can play a very important role in strengthening the IEEE brand and facilitating a consistent, best-in-class brand experience in the work you do on behalf of IEEE.
  • You can ensure the “unmistakably IEEE” experience is evident in the way we speak about IEEE, as well as how we represent ourselves on print, digital, and interpersonal interactions.

Can I create a local Brand Ambassador group?

We encourage you to keep in touch with fellow ambassadors, however, we cannot support formal group activities at this time. The Brand Experience website is your go-to-guide for information.

What leadership roles are available within this program?

There are no formal leadership roles available within the program. This program is focused on raising awareness and commitment to education of brand standards. However, we will be offering a certification opportunity for brand awareness.

Is there an online community for Brand Ambassadors?

Not at this time, but we encourage you to send all questions to the IEEE Brand Inquiries Form for support, and to share your success stories. Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply.

I did not receive the last Brand Ambassador program communication. Where do I sign up?

If you are an existing IEEE Brand Ambassador, you are already on our mailing list. If you did not receive our last communication, please submit your request using the IEEE Brand Ambassador Contact FormPlease note: You have to be an existing IEEE Brand Ambassador to receive this communication.

Where can I order branded promotional materials for my Student Branch?

See the Membership Development Materials page  about the Membership Development Portal where you can order kits that include branded promotional items.