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Recent website launches—IEEE Photonics Society

Site Name: IEEE Photonics Society

Site URL:

Launch Date: 1 March 2023

Site Purpose: A new IEEE Photonics Society website was launched on 1 March 2023. The site was redesigned to deliver better cross-functional marketing and content strategies in parallel with new website elements. Its improved design and purposeful digital approaches have enhanced the Society’s value proposition, brand competitiveness, personalized approaches, and customer awareness in the broad photonics and optoelectronics community. 

The new website optimizes inbound SEO tactics that have improved organic traffic from keyword and web search engines. Its added capabilities, megamenu, and interactive modules further showcase the Society’s products and resources, making it easier to navigate strategic areas of interest and allowing for increased member/volunteer engagement, particularly for those accessing the site on mobile devices. 

Key staff members performed comprehensive website mapping audits, and in-depth collaborations were made between the IEEE Brand Experience/UX Accessibility teams and the vendor, HDG, in order to stay compliant with the IEEE Brand Identity & Digital Guidelines.  

What’s new? The new website, formerly, has a new domain name and URL,, which reinforces its connection with the IEEE brand and matches its social-media presence that the Society’s strong following has become familiar with. 

There are new features, such as the Mega Navigation Menu, Community Calendar, Career Center, Newsroom, Announcement Sections, Social Media Integration, Analytical Tools, Calls-to-Action Opportunities, Chapter & Research Center Maps, Volunteer Intake Forms, Publication Spotlights, Most Popular Article feeds, etc.

How does this affect the IEEE digital presence? The shift of technology platforms (from Joomla to WordPress) was a significant undertaking but has become instrumental for the Society staff to manage and curate ever-evolving content moving forward. The website went from 184 sitemap pages to approximately 100 pages. This condensed format allows target audiences to navigate through the site with greater ease and efficiency. It has undoubtedly enhanced user experiences. The Society looks forward to what the new website is also set to bring; for example, an Industry Engagement & Market Focus section in Phase II of its roll-out. 

For questions about the new website, contact Kerrianne Sullivan, IEEE Photonics Society Digital Community and Presence Manager, at