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Learn more about IEEE Brand and Style Resources

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Learn more about IEEE Brand and Style Resources

The Experience Design team is working to provide you with more clear guidance on your brand inquiries, and additional “self-service” solutions.

We have updated our Brand Identity Toolkit to better assist you with proper implementation of the IEEE Brand on all your communications. You can find guidelines, tools, and resources for creating and maintaining branded IEEE collateral, both digital and print. The online Brand Identity Toolkit now has:

  • A “Quick Tips” carousel, with some answers to our most frequently asked questions on use of brand. These include visuals to indicate correct use of the IEEE Master Brand, minimum size allowances and space clearance around our logo, and our approved color palette.2016_dec_quicktips_branding
    [View larger image online]
  • A new IEEE “Overview video”, can be found in the videos section, that demonstrates the ways that IEEE touches everyone in their daily lives, and drives people and technology together to help create “the brightest tomorrow.”20416_brand_overview_ideo
    [View larger image online]
  • An expanded suite of customizable collateral templates, including branded pull-up banners, print and web ad suites, flyers, etc., for use at IEEE events and for promotion in publications. While there are editable versions you can download and adjust on your own, our team can also connect you with a creative agency or independent contractor who can make edits to suit your needs.2016_dec_banners_examples
    Retractable pull-ups, print and web ad suites, event flyers and informational handouts
    [View larger image online]
  • An online ordering portal through our vendor, Consumer Graphics is now available, where you can sign in, select a template, and add your edits. Offerings include editable flyers, full size and table top banners, table covers, etc.2016_dec_consumer_graphics_examples
    [View larger image online]
  • We have also created “branded design elements” for designers who want “built-in brand.”2016_dec_letterhead
    Design elements for letter-size and pull-ups – these are pre-branded shells with “the wedge” and Master Brand built in. Just add your content!
  • Coming in 2017:
  • New templates for trifolds, postcards, and more sub-brand banners
  • A new Corporate PowerPoint
  • Updated, streamlined Brand Guidelines with sub-brand guidance.

Contact information:
Visit www.ieee.org/go/brand or complete the Creative Contact Form