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Our brand is much more than our logo

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Our brand is much more than our logo

Join us on IEEE Day 2020 (Tuesday, 06 October 2020) for a pre-recorded webinar featuring the IEEE Brand Experience.

Celebrate IEEE Brand Ambassadors on IEEE Day!

This 12-minute recording will be available starting IEEE Day to all IEEE volunteers and staff who interact in their day-to-day efforts as they represent the respected and well-recognized IEEE Brand.

Hear from a few of our IEEE Brand Ambassadors across the IEEE Regions. Make this part of your IEEE Day activities and share the news with your local geographic community! 

The IEEE brand is universally recognized. Building our brand protects our future. The webinar highlights our IEEE Brand Ambassador program as well as many of the available tools and resources found on the IEEE Brand Experience site

Check the IEEE Day Facebook page to access the webinar on 6 October!

laptop image showing upcoming webinar screenshot

Visit the IEEE Brand Experience site to find useful tools and resources, including the newly-released IEEE Geographic Community Guidelines.

image showing cover of the IEEE geographic communities identity guidelines

These guidelines exist to create and maintain a unified family of brands for the various IEEE Regions, Sections, Technical Chapters, Student Branches and associated Chapters, and Affinity Groups. Preview the new IEEE Regional maps, sample templates for Section and Chapter treatments, and more!

Together, we can ensure that the IEEE Brand continues to be recognized and respected throughout the world.

Spread the word and get involved!

Help us spread the word about proper use of the IEEE Brand in communications by sharing the resources found on the IEEE Brand Experience site.

Consider joining the IEEE Brand Ambassador Program.

Questions about the IEEE Brand?

image showing question mark

View frequently asked questions about the IEEE Brand.

Review the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines for guidance.

Please direct any questions via the IEEE Brand Inquiries Form. (Please note: Due to the volume of requests we receive to this form, please review the resources above first or allow 5-8 business days for a reply.)