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Putting our best brand forward

Putting our best brand forward

Each day, people across the globe attend IEEE conferences, read IEEE publications, and interact with IEEE to bring about technological innovation and excellence. Employees and volunteers play an important role as brand ambassadors, presenting the IEEE brand in a strong, consistent, and unified way. This is done through with every point of interaction a person has with IEEE.

All of these touch points – be they large or small – should be an authentic reflection of who we are and what we value. To help employees, volunteers, and vendors in this endeavor, the recently launched IEEE Brand Experience website offers many tools and resources. As a part of this, the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines, have also been updated to include the following:

  • Understanding the brand family
  • For the first time ever, sub-brand guidance on everything from IEEE products and services, to affinity groups, conferences, Standards groups, Societies, Councils, Regions, Sections, Student Branches, and Chapters
  • Better visual representations of intended brand usage and what to avoid
  • New expanded color palette
  • Broader font options
  • Guidance on how to represent the brand in non-traditional formats, including social and multimedia

The identity guidelines have been streamlined and consolidated and are now presented in an interactive PDF that allows users to get the information they need more quickly with tabs and sections that are easy to find and navigate.