Site name: IEEE Author Center

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Site purpose: The recently launched IEEE Author Center website includes a new conferences section. This new section provides an easy way for authors to find the best conference to showcase their work in addition to sharing best practices and guidance on how to become a conference author. Topics related to ethics, how to write a paper, what an author should know about peer review, and what is necessary to get a paper published are addressed. These new resources also provide step-by-step instructions and a suite of tools to enhance authors’ overall publishing experience with IEEE.

How does this affect the IEEE digital presence?  IEEE branding and digital guidelines have been followed closely to ensure the best user experience for authors – one of IEEE’s key audiences. This includes using a custom WordPress layout which is responsive and mobile-friendly in addition to including robust search tools for the site. The content is written and presented in a format that is easily understood by and accessible to authors globally. Each section of the website (i.e., publishing with IEEE, journals, and conferences) has a unique task flow for helping authors achieve different goals within the publishing realm of IEEE. Usability testing of these updates is in progress and will help inform the next round of updates being planned for later in 2019.

Contact: Please bookmark and feel free to share the URL to help spread awareness. For questions about the new website, contact Marilyn Catis at