screenshot of IEEE Smart Village website home page

Site name: IEEE Smart Village

Site URL:

Site launch date: 14 February 2019

Site purpose: The IEEE Smart Village website is the primary public facing communications tool for this IEEE Foundation Signature Initiative. The team had several objectives with the re-design. The first was a modern look to attract and inform a broad cross-section of IEEE members, potential donors, and volunteers of the many projects that Smart Village has launched. A second objective was to provide a vehicle for volunteers to identify areas of interest in support of Smart Villages’ committees and easily get involved. A third objective was to provide recognition for the various support groups that have contributed to Smart Village projects including the Foundation, IEEE Operating Units, Corporations, and Individuals.

How does this affect the IEEE digital presence? The digital experience has been enhanced by a responsive/mobile friendly layout, as well as a strong tie to IEEE branding and the expected IEEE digital experience. The objectives of the program have been synced with the user experience in several ways. Some highlighted features include:

  • The home page now has real images of the program in action as well as a global map (instead of stock photos) better showcasing the impact of the initiative.
  • The improved call-to-action buttons for donations and involvement opportunities are now more prominent and draw attention.
  • Updated copy and messaging such as the sync of IEEE Smart Village goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals help convey the importance of the program.
  • Updated, modern look and feel to convey information easily.

For questions about the new website, contact Dan Estes, Chair – IEEE Smart Village Marketing, at