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Start the New Year With a New Approach Create IEEE Presentations That Shine!

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Start the New Year With a New Approach—Create IEEE Presentations That Shine!

Refresh your reports and slide presentations to reflect the “unmistakably IEEE” brand

Collage of PowerPoint presentations

Did you know there are updated PowerPoint templates on the IEEE Brand Experience site? We provide useful tools and resources to help make your branded communications and presentations sparkle—with just the right amount of IEEE brand.

View the most recent IEEE corporate presentation templates on the IEEE Brand Experience site. There you’ll find numerous available versions provided in the industry-standard 16:9 widescreen format, as well as Google Slides versions for ease in collaboration, and a Keynote version as well.

Transition from a dated PowerPoint presentation to a modern PowerPoint presentation

Options include color alternates of our most popular themes with unique image stock themes that are fully interchangeable and editable. Add your program identifier or sub-brand logos, make use of options for divider slide designs, and more.

Know your options!
Leverage these brand-infused slide presentation themes and follow the new IEEE PPT Quick Start Guide to merge your old or outdated presentations. Download the latest optimized PowerPoint versions, and follow the step-by-step instructions and tips to polish your presentations.

Several design options include editable placeholders for the addition of sub-brand identifiers.

Looking for another pre-branded design theme? Convert old presentations and refresh your visuals with built-in–brand using these alternate PowerPoint templates. View the many visual themes, all with built-in, “unmistakably IEEE” brand requirements.

Presentation templates in a variety of color and design themes
IEEE Corporate PowerPoint Quick Start Guide

Follow the steps in the all new, interactive “IEEE Corporate PowerPoint Quick Start Guide” to learn tips on how to merge old presentations with new design themes. Bring your old 4:3 ratio slide decks into the more common widescreen formats. Download and make use of the new main IEEE Corporate Powerpoint template, or choose from alternate design themes to bring a visual refresh to your presentations that still meets all branding requirements.

Download this valuable resource now!

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