IEEE Collabratec™ Branding and Communications Toolkit

The IEEE Collabratec Branding and Communications Toolkit is a marketing resource for promotions and communications in connection with IEEE Collabratec. This toolkit explains how to use IEEE Collabratec brand elements and offers resources for creating strong and consistent communications pieces while supporting the IEEE brand.

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Contents of this toolkit can be used for any of the following:*

  • Advertisements for print and electronic media
  • Sample copy for newsletters, publications, email campaigns, websites, social media
  • Presentations
  • Video
  • Product demonstrations
  • Quotes from IEEE members and volunteers regarding the need for IEEE Collabratec and its possibilities

IEEE Account sign in is required to download IEEE Collabratec materials.

*Please note that the contents of the IEEE Collabratec Branding and Communications Toolkit are the intellectual property of IEEE and/or its licensors. Use of this material must be consistent with IEEE branding and other standard content usage guidelines, and may only be used for promotional efforts directly relating to IEEE Collabratec. All other use is expressly prohibited.

What is IEEE Collabratec?

Targeted at both IEEE members and non-members, including authors, researchers, and volunteers, IEEE Collabratec helps users:

  • Connect with global technology professionals by location, technical interests, or career pursuits
  • Access research and collaborative authoring tools
  • Establish a professional identity to showcase key accomplishments

IEEE Collabratec also helps IEEE volunteers:

  • Build and manage their IEEE volunteer network
  • Build communities and engage technology professionals in real time

IEEE Collabratec competitively positions IEEE for the future of publishing, professional networking, and career development. IEEE Collabratec brings together IEEE and non-IEEE individuals – whether they are authors, publishers, IEEE members, or other technical professionals who have similar interests – through an integrated online community, facilitating collaboration and connectivity.

All in one centralized hub, IEEE Collabratec offers these major features:

  • Online communities
  • Author and researcher tools
  • Career development networking opportunities

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Overview PowerPoint Presentation with Value Proposition

Overview PowerPoint presentation with value proposition

This presentation provides an overview of key benefits to each audience or customer group.

View the overview and value proposition (PPTX, 2 MB)

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Promotional Copy

Benefits Sheet

This chart shows key benefits for each audience or customer group. This chart can be used within the Social Media package (see below) or other communications vehicles.

Download the benefits sheet (DOCX, 75 KB)

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Social Media Package

Interested in creating a social media campaign? Learn about some tips on how to develop your campaign. Plus, we have created copy for your usage. (The blank sections in the copy you can pick and choose key benefits from the benefits sheet above)

Download the Social Media package (DOCX, 101 KB)

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Need a quote for your newsletter, flyer, etc.? We've curated some ready to use quotes below. Please note that these may only be used with Collabratec promotions, and attributions must include the names and member grade as indicated. (These quotes can only be used when promoting IEEE Collabratec, no other usage is permitted.)

To request an interview with one of the individuals, contact

Jacquelyn Cunningham, IEEE Senior Member

“I feel this tool is going to be adopted quickly by members. It’s going to give us a good feeling about being a member of IEEE.”

“For me, it’s all about how we can leverage technology to better the human experience, and to leverage what we know as engineers and scientists in IEEE, and getting that information out to the everyday person. I think having a good experience is going to get us really engaged and willing to do that.”

“With this tool, I can share knowledge with people who share a common interest with me. I can also discover people and activities that I might be interested in or would like to support. Not only are IEEE members potential users of this tool, but non-members as well, so we can all be in this great churn of information together. I just love the tool for that value.”

“Members’ credentials are regularly viewable and accessible, so you can find speakers for your meetings, for your projects, for any kind of collaborative effort. Students and young professionals are always looking for mentors. And senior members are looking to connect and give back. It allows you to see the value that connecting with any one person could bring to you — and the value that you could bring or share with that person. So it’s really a valuable tool, especially for young professionals and students.”

Ralph Ford, IEEE Senior Member

“IEEE Collabratec builds on the idea of bringing together all of our members in one place. We can have a place online where they can connect with each other, they can share ideas, and they can join technical communities. And that is really very powerful. Social media, social networks are important to people because it allows them to connect with others in a meaningful way. This is a capability that IEEE really needs. It’s the piece that will connect us in a much more meaningful way than we’ve ever been able to do so in the past.”

“Young graduates and professionals can make connections with others on this platform to search for jobs or enhance their careers. And the outside world also can come in to this same platform and find those young professionals if they so choose.”

“Now we can author papers together. We can work with our other IEEE colleagues on this trusted platform.”

“Communities can also be created. If I have a question, I can pose that question to the group. I can find out answers and get feedback from experts in the field. I can find somebody who is working on something that may be very esoteric or very relevant, and they don’t have to be in my local section. They can now be on the other side of the world.”

“What will people find valuable? The engagement and activity in the different communities will make people utilize this tool and find it valuable.”

S. Gopakumar, IEEE Senior Member

“Currently there is no single application that integrates researchers, authors, and professionals – and where non-members will have the chance to interact with existing members. They can also find a group of people who share their interests, making them more likely to want to join and interact with them.”

“This will also allow authors who are not even members get more involved with IEEE, to attend conferences, and build communities. To me, IEEE is like a big ocean. So many things are scattered here and there, you need to fish out the things you want. This tool should help achieve that.”

David Green, IEEE Senior Member

“IEEE Collabratec is a great tool to facilitate community interactions between subject matter experts. You will be able to engage and work with others in the various communities to help you achieve your professional goals.”

“What will people find valuable with IEEE Collabratec? Building communities to advance IEEE initiatives or simply participating in communities to learn about a few new ideas.”

“The great feature of IEEE Collabratec is that many dimensions of professional collaboration – technical work, authoring, private collaboration, technical communities, and metro area communities – are all available from one centralized hub accessible using any of your devices connected from anywhere at anytime.”

Francisco Martinez, IEEE Senior Member

“As I continue growing in my career, if I am looking for something I need, I am sure that here I can find someone who is developing new things, and this is really helpful. I can also be sure that the users will give me valuable feedback, because being members of IEEE is like being a family.”

Fred Mintzer, IEEE Life Fellow

“IEEE Collabratec provides options. Options for networking with the opportunity to connect with others for career and professional advancements within one single hub. Within this online platform you will be able to create and discover new ways to engage with others of similar interest.”

“The great feature of IEEE Collabratec is that it allows you to connect with others within IEEE along with other technology professionals from around the world all on one central hub.”

“What people will experience when interacting with IEEE Collabratec is not only the value of networking but also the ability to find new solutions for connecting with others while conducting research and much more.”

Gianluca Setti, IEEE Fellow

“IEEE Collabratec gives authors and researchers the capability of editing a scientific manuscript, a grant proposal, a report, or any kind of document by working with remote collaborators. This application will definitely allow easy collaboration and enhance productivity.”

“IEEE Collabratec is the integration of all the different features one may want as a researcher and an author, and there’s really no single tool that has all of the capabilities together. Everything is in a one stop shop and currently something comparable simply doesn’t exist.”

“IEEE Collabratec allows the possibility of remote co-authorship. For example, one can have students and collaborators from around the globe and all will be able to work smoothly on the same document. IEEE Collabratec isn’t just one tool it’s an integrated online platform that provides many options for me during my research or authoring process.“

“I have communities that I want to be in contact with constantly, and I know that there is activity going on that is sent through a community communication channel, but there is simply too much, and I cannot read it. IEEE Collabratec gives me the opportunity to keep up with messages easily.”

Promotional Videos

These videos can be used in any capacity, including kickoff meetings, newsletters, etc.

Meet the Users of IEEE Collabratec

Instructions for sharing videos on a web page, email, newsletters, social networking sites, etc.:

  1. Navigate to the IEEE Collabratec video in
  2. Review the "Share" options, which include:
  •   Embed within digital media (newsletters/Web)
  •   Email
  •  Facebook
  • Twitter
  •  View a list of different social media platforms to share on

Why do AUTHORS use IEEE Collabratec?
View/share the authors video from

Why is COLLABORATION better with IEEE Collabratec?
View/share the authors video from

Why is NETWORKING better with IEEE Collabratec?
View/share the networking video from

Why do RESEARCHERS use IEEE Collabratec?
View/share the researchers video from

IEEE Collabratec: One Central Hub
View/share the video from

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Promotional Sign In Button

Place this promotional button into your website/page to direct users to IEEE Collabratec. The button should link to the IEEE Collabratec sign in page,

Download the IEEE Collabratec sign in button (ZIP, 61 KB)

The zip file contains four different sizes of JPG and PNG formats.

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Logos and Branding Guidelines

Logos and branding guidelines

We’ve provided guidelines for logo usage along with how to use the name IEEE Collabratec with ™ mark in copy.

Regular logo

gif - color
gif - black & white
12 KB
11 KB
jpg - color
jpg - black & white
27 KB
12 KB
tif - color
tif - black & white
33 KB zipped
17 KB zipped
eps - color
eps - black & white
603 KB zipped
657 KB zipped

Logo with tagline

gif - color
gif - black & white
7 KB
4 KB
Screen or WebLow
jpg - color
jpg - black & white
40 KB
28 KB
Screen or WebLow
tif - color
tif - black & white
42 KB zipped
16 KB zipped
eps - color
eps - black & white
274 KB zipped
273 KB zipped

Download the entire set of IEEE Collabratec logos (ZIP, 2 MB)
ZIP file contains GIF, JPG, TIF and EPS formats.

Download the IEEE Collabratec branding guidelines (PDF, 3 MB)
PDF contains instructions on how to use the IEEE Collabratec logo and branding

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Print and Web Ads

Image Library

To assist you in your communications efforts regarding IEEE Collabratec, we have curated a collection of images for your consideration. The links below will bring you to a lightbox of images from each of the different stock houses. From there you can make your selection and then purchase and download the images. Each stock house and image has an image license associated that governs terms of use which the downloader will have responsibility to abide by.

Browse the below IEEE Collabratec lightboxes on:

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Use the editable templates for your promotional campaigns.

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Email Templates

These email templates are provided in HTML format and can be customized to distribute information and updates regarding IEEE Collabratec. Use of these templates requires some degree of HTML technical ability for customization purposes.

Download the email templates (ZIP, 1 MB)

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Quick Start

If you have additional questions, contact

How do I promote IEEE Collabratec on my website?

You can use the web advertisements and the promotional video to promote IEEE Collabratec on your website.

I have a space in an upcoming newsletter, how can I feature IEEE Collabratec?

What would I use to create a social media post about IEEE Collabratec?

The social media package is available to you, and the package includes sample copy based on your targeted audience. The Benefits sheet works nicely with the social media package by showcasing key benefits for each audience.

Are there any customizable templates available?

The email and flyer templates can be customized based upon your need.

How do I ask a question and/or provide feedback about IEEE Collabratec?

If you have a question you can visit the IEEE Support Center for your needs. If you would like to leave feedback, you can visit the IEEE Collabratec feedback section.

How do I create more engagement within a community?

Driving community engagement is a critical component to IEEE Collabratec. We have broken this down into five key ingredients that are needed to be successful: Awareness, Interest, Action, Influence, and Ownership, along with some actionable items.

Download the IEEE Collabratec Community Engagement guide (DOC, 17 KB)