IEEE User Experience Lab

The Digital & Creative Innovations team manages the User Experience (UX) Lab. The lab offers IEEE website managers and contributors with a space to test their digital content on different devices and collaborate with the Digital & Creative Innovations team on web-related topics.

The UX Lab currently provides the following services:

  • Multi-device hardware testing
  • Usability testing tools
  • Accessibility evaluation tools
  • Web contributor training
  • Shared design applications
  • Screen recording/video editing tools

View this video for a quick overview of the lab

Desktop Devices Available For Testing

ux lab desktop devicesThe lab has three Windows desktops and a Mac desktop available for cross-platform testing. These devices have been installed with the following:

  • Screen reading tools: JAWS, FireEyes
  • Usability testing tools: Morae
  • Screen recording and video editing tool: Camtasia
  • Image optimization tools: Adobe Creative Design Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Mobile/Tablet Devices Available For Testing

The lab has a dedicated mobile/tablet testing area to test mobile/tablet sites and apps on various platforms and browsers. The lab currently has the following devices:


  • iPad Air (Tablet)
  • iPhone 5S (Phone)


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Tablet)
  • LG G3, HTC Evo (Phone)


  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Tablet)
  • Nokia Lumia 928 (Phone)

Collaboration And Training Area

ux lab collaboration areaThe lab also has a collaboration area that can be used for small training sessions and one-on-one consultation with the Digital & Creative Innovations team. The collaboration area is currently being utilized for:

  • UCM training and lab hours for contributors
  • Providing support and consultation to site managers for web-related topics such as:
    • Accessibility
    • Image optimization
    • Web analytics
    • Digital strategy

Location And Contact Information

The UX Lab is located at IEEE's office in New Jersey at:

501 Hoes Lane, Suite 205
Piscataway, 08854

Contact the Digital & Creative Innovations team to request access to the UX Lab.