IEEE Future50 Student Discount Toolkit

New and renewing IEEE students and graduate students can now save 50% on their membership dues. 

Students wishing to take advantage of the 50% discount can do so by using the promotion code FUTURE50 during the online check-out process for joining or renewing their IEEE membership.

Students who recently renewed or joined at full price can reach out to the IEEE Contact Center at: and request a credit on future membership dues.

Below are images that Sections, Student Branches, and IEEE staff can use to help promote this discount on social media. In addition, there are a suite of standard ad sizes for use on web pages, email newsletters, and any other digital advertising channel. For social media posts, use the accompanying text provided below, that should be posted along with the image. 

For more information, contact Elyn Perez, Member & Geographic Activities via email at

Promotional ads

The ad sets below are available for use on social media and digital campaigns.

All images should link to when used for promotions.

Chip Banner Set

Download (JPEG, 103 KB, 720x90)

Download (JPEG, 132 KB, 160x600)

Download (JPEG, 1 MB, 1080x1080)

Download (JPEG, 395 KB, 700x525)

Download (JPEG, 107 KB, 300x250)

Download (JPEG, 47 KB, 180x150)

Download (JPEG, 18 KB, 120x60)

Code Banner Set

Download (JPEG, 99 KB, 728x90)

Download (JPEG, 156 KB, 160x600)

Download (JPEG, 1.5 MB, 1080x1080)

Download (JPEG, 515 KB, 700x525)

Download (JPEG, 122 KB, 300x250)

Download (JPEG, 45 KB, 180x150)

Download (JPEG, 16 KB, 120x60)

Digital Hand Banner Set

Download (JPEG, 82 KB, 728x90)

Download (JPEG, 104 KB, 160x600)

Download (JPEG, 956 KB, 1080x1080)

Download (JPEG, 381 KB, 700x525)

Download (JPEG, 103 KB,300x250)

Download (JPEG, 43 KB, 180x150)

Download (JPEG, 16 KB, 120x60)

Own Your Future Banner Set

Download (JPEG, 82 KB, 728x90)

Download (JPEG, 105 KB, 160x600)

Download (GIF, 937 KB, 1080x1080)

Download (JPEG, 314 KB, 700x525)

Download (JPEG, 91 KB, 300x250)

Download (JPEG, 40 KB, 180x150)

Download (JPEG, 15 KB, 120x60)

Virtual Reality Banner Set

Download (JPEG, 76 KB, 728x90)

Download (JPEG, 92 KB, 160x600)

Download (JPEG, 666 KB, 1080x1080)

Download (JPEG, 289 KB, 700x525)

Download (JPEG, 80 KB, 300x250)

Download (JPEG, 39 KB, 180x150)

Download (JPEG, 14 KB, 120x60)

Social media post samples

Use the text samples below to accompany promotional images when creating social media posts. 

  1. We're making it easier for you to stay connected to IEEE. Use promo code FUTURE50 to save 50% when you renew your IEEE Student membership today. #IEEEStudents #FUTURE50
  2. Thousands of student members are owning their futures and preparing to be the best in their industries by using their IEEE network to collaborate, compete, and learn - be sure you’re one of them! Save 50% on IEEE Student membership! #IEEEStudents #FUTURE50
  3. IEEE membership puts you in control of your career. Save 50% on membership when you sign up today using the FUTURE50 code. #IEEEStudents #FUTURE50
  4. Save 50% on membership to the ultimate network for electrical engineering and computer science students. #IEEEStudents #FUTURE50
  5. The only code you need to know to save 50% on IEEE Student Membership. #IEEEStudents #FUTURE50