Update required for demographic question in surveys and forms

Currently, various applications and registration processes at IEEE are requiring users to identify their gender as either “Male” or “Female” when submitting a form or survey response. Based on best practices, IEEE digital publishers need to standardize this demographic question and ensure that it is not required information that a user must provide. It is also advisable to consider if the question is needed at all. Please implement this change as soon as possible to all existing forms and surveys, in print and online, communicating with your teams as needed.
​​1. Gender information:
Questions that ask a participant or user to identify their gender need to be multiple choice, optional, and written as:
Do you identify as:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Prefer to self-describe: _______ (Conditional if coded: Please specify:   _____)
  • Prefer not to answer
​​2. Salutation information:

Questions that ask for a salutation or prefix (such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Mstr.) for a participant or user’s name, need to be made optional.

Please note: These or similar ​demographic ​questions are to be made optional and cannot be required at any time.

Please email Daivee Patel, Manager, Digital Experience at IEEE, if you have any questions.