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Use of internet survey findings – 2016

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Use of internet survey findings – 2016

The Experience Design Team partners semi-annually with the Strategic Research Team in Corporate Activities to conduct the Use of Internet Survey with IEEE members and non-members with potential interest in IEEE content.

The goal of the survey is to understand technology professionals’ general use of the internet, social media, and mobile applications, as well as their connectedness to IEEE on the Internet. The 2016 survey focused on young professionals and those in the private industry. Key findings are as follows:

  • Six in ten IEEE members (63%) say they are “constantly connected” to the Internet and 29% say they are “connected several times a day.” Young professionals were connected even more with 75% saying they are “constantly connected.”
  • YouTube and Wikipedia are the most used sites followed by Facebook and LinkedIn. Young professionals are on Facebook the most and those in private industry tend to be on LinkedIn more.
  • Respondents were more likely to consume content online (reading technical content, watching videos, and so on) and they were less likely to contribute content (posting blogs, writing wikis, sharing content).
  • The most visited IEEE sites in the past 24 months were: the most visited (72%), followed by IEEE Xplore (54%), and myIEEE (52%). Others include IEEE Standards Association (15%) and IEEE Collabratec (12%). Young professionals and those in private industry visited IEEE sites less often. Satisfaction with the sites ranged from 70% satisfied (for IEEE Xplore) to 49% satisfied (for Chapter sites).
  • About a third (34%) are interested in accessing IEEE’s content on a mobile device. Young professionals and those in academia are slightly more interested.