IEEE Digital Contact Form

IEEE digital publishers can use the form below to submit a request to the Digital & Creative Innovations (DCI) team. IEEE site owners, contributors, and marketing professionals must initiate communication with the DCI team as soon as a digital project has been established and when major milestones in a project are achieved.

This form can be used to:

  • Inform DCI about a digital-related project
  • Request guidance on a digital-related project
  • Request access to the IEEE sub-site templates and/or training resources
  • Make an appointment to use the IEEE UX Lab

Once your request has been received, the team will follow up with a response or reach out for additional information if needed.

Refer to the Service Level Agreements to see when you can expect the request to be complete (IEEE Account login required)

Please provide us details for this request and include the following information, as applicable:

  • Current and/or planned site URL or location of content (if website)
  • Project overview or changes requested
  • Project lead/contact
  • Sponsoring groups
  • Planned deliverables
  • Estimated timeline
  • Estimated budget