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Creative Portfolio

Creative Portfolio

We facilitate “unmistakably IEEE” quality creative work while saving the organization time and money.

  • The IEEE Experience Design Team (ExD Team) routinely engages with partners across OUs to align their needs and drive success in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • We work with a suite of agencies and industry professionals on strategic, creative needs throughout the organization
  • Our industry experts are ambassadors of the IEEE Brand; you can count on our creative support and brand knowledge
  • We are the thread that pulls all creative projects together at IEEE
  • We can help you elicit cost savings by price negotiation, reuse of templates

Download the IEEE creative portfolio (PPTX, 160 MB)


“To the digital team at IEEE...congrats!
As your assistance to get the website off the ground and through the IEEE process made the launch and site possible.”
—Kelly McKenna, IEEE REACH Program Manager