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IEEE Social Media Training Resources

IEEE embraces the responsible use of social media to communicate and build relationships with prospective and current members, customers, authors and community members. This page is designed to help you, as the community manager or administrator of a registered IEEE social media account,  understand the process of developing and maintaining a social media strategy.

All IEEE-associated social media accounts must comply with the IEEE Social Media Policy and IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines.

Best Practices for Photos During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, we should be especially mindful when selecting photos and imagery used in videos. This document provides some helpful tips and things to consider. 


Best Practices for Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Best PracticesThis document provides an overview of best practices in terms of messaging, tone and imagery for social media advertising.


Getting Started with Social Media

Getting Started with Social MediaThis document provides an overview of what’s needed needed to get started with social media.


Know Your Social Networks

This at-a-glance document provides a high level overview of the main social channels used at IEEE.


Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Use this worksheet to begin to develop a strategy for your social media presence.


Posting Checklist

PostingChecklistA checklist to review before anything is posted on an IEEE-related social media channel.


Tip sheet: IEEE Social Media Guidelines

An at-a-glance review of the IEEE Social Media Guidelines.


Tip sheet: Spreading "Good Will" on Social Media

A guide to how best to promote and acknowledge member contributions.


Tip sheet: IEEE Social Media Guidelines

An overview of the importance of images on social media, and a listing of resources for where to obtain stock photos.


Video: Things to Focus on For Social Media Success

This video training will provide deeper insights on topics that are key to success on social media, including: understanding the social media landscape, the importance of analysis, building audience relationships,  crafting content, and measurement.

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