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How to Utilize Collateral & Templates

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How to Utilize Collateral & Templates

Learn more about how to utilize, customize, and edit the IEEE collateral and templates.

IEEE Creative

This option works if you would like IEEE Creative to manage a straight print run via a recommended print vendor, for minor edits to an existing template, or if more extensive rework and copy writing is needed. Contact the Experience Design (ExD) team and we can connect you with one of our approved agencies or contractors to assist.


Download and edit the files to work with your own creative contractor and/or production vendor.

Consumer Graphics Portal

Browse all collateral, select your desired pieces, and/or customize, print and purchase through an online ordering portal:

  • Click on "Create an account" under the Login button.
  • Submit all of the required information.
  • Consumer Graphics will review and approve the new account.
  • You will receive an email confirmation in one to two business days and can start using the online portal to order and/or customize your collateral.
  • Consumer Graphics accepts credit cards for payment and can ship to the IEEE warehouse or directly to your event.