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Digital Resources

The IEEE Experience Design Team provides the below checklists to assist the IEEE digital publishing community with their important quality assurance efforts.

Accessibility Checklist (PDF, 149 KB)
This document is designed to inform accessibility checks by content editors, developers, and site managers to ensure the IEEE required level of compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level A.
View and download the IEEE accessibility tip sheet (PDF, 160 KB) Content Review Guidelines (PDF, 121 KB)
An overview of the QA process and what determines a release and/or required revisions for content. Content Contributor Checklist (PDF, 98 KB)
This document is intended to serve as a tool for those intending to publish content to It reinforces and ensures that usability, accessibility, and other best practices are followed as well as serving as a guideline for IEEE styles.

Experience Design Project Lifecycle Process Document (PDF, 104 KB)
This workflow document for the creative process within the Experience Design Team shows the project lifecycle and process for a project from start to finish.