Brand identity guidelines

Each day, people across the globe are exposed to communication materials from IEEE; whether it be through attending IEEE conferences, reading IEEE publications, or any number of other activities in which IEEE is engaged for the purpose of fostering technological innovation and excellence. The guidelines below were created to unify these diverse communications and to help them to represent IEEE as a focused, forward-looking, dynamic organization. The ultimate goal is a stronger, more consistent, unified visual presentation of the IEEE brand. By downloading any the Toolkit's contents, users are agreeing to abide by the IEEE Master Brand and Brand Identity Toolkit Agreement.

IEEE Brand Identity guidelines

Brand Identity Guidelines

Our brand is an asset. It is a reflection of who we are and what we value. When properly used, the IEEE Brand conveys our culture, personality, and values. In working with constituencies across the organization, we see a shared commitment to the brand. These interactive guidelines exist to create and maintain a unified family of brands so that together, we can ensure that the IEEE Brand identity continues to be recognized and respected throughout the world. The cohesive guidelines are provided to ensure consistency in all of your collateral materials; technical and professional information, resources, services, conferences, and publications that reach professionals, students, prospective members, and organizations. Your adherence to these guidelines guarantees the continued integrity and leadership of the IEEE Brand in the global technology community.

IEEE Brand Identity quick reference guide

Quick Reference Guide

To provide guidance on brand basics, a user-friendly, quick reference guide for the recently created IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines has been developed. This document features a brief summary of the corresponding full guidelines, including our approved color palette.

Use of the letters I-E-E-E

Only the letters I-E-E-E may be used as the name of the organization. IEEE has grown over the years to represent a much wider array of technical interest areas than "electrical and electronics engineering." Legal documents may carry the full name, “The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.” The use of the IEEE full name is also permitted in the official IEEE seal.

Quick tips

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