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Social media has become an important part of the way we work with and engage with our community of members, volunteers, and customers around the globe. As this critical communication channel is constantly evolving, we've developed some toolkits to help guide you in your social media efforts. In them you will find best practices, tips and useful resources that will set you up for social media success.

Before getting started with any IEEE-associated social media page, ensure that you are familiar with the IEEE Social Media Guidelines.

All IEEE members, volunteers, employees, vendors, consultants, and contract workers are to follow the guidelines and best practices outlined.

Access the IEEE Social Media Guidelines

Digital Advertising
Best Practices

This toolkit can help you understand the value of paid advertising in the digital space. It also outlines how to develop and implement a paid social and digital advertising strategy across multiple channels to help you to achieve your goals.

Access the Digital Advertising Best Practices Toolkit

Social Media Contests
Best Practices

This toolkit provides an understanding of different kinds of contests, as well as how they can play an integral part of marketing strategy. Additionally, it provides an understanding the "do’s and don'ts" of each type of contest, as well as guidance and best practices for how to develop and execute engaging and successful contests on social media.

Access the Social Media Contests Best Practices Toolkit

Sponsorship Best Practices Toolkit & Social Templates

This toolkit will assist you in discussing opportunities with sponsors on website and social media channels. Additionally, it will help you to develop engaging content mentioning sponsors as well as create appropriate social media posts to promote the sponsorship.

Access the Sponsorship Best Practices Toolkit  →

Access Sponsorship Social Media Templates  →

Editable Social Media Post Templates

These brand compliant social media templates have been created to help you easily create posts for your IEEE-associated social profile. Use the tools and tips provided to customize each template for your use and audience.

Access Editable Social Media Templates

Social Media & Communications
Author Toolkit

Once your article is published, there are several ways to gain additional exposure for your work—especially if your article is published via open access and is available to the public. This toolkit contains tips, guidelines, and sample content for promoting your work yourself within your community, or by collaborating with your academic institution or organization.


Access the Social Media & Communications Author Toolkit

Other Useful Resources

Below please find some additional resources that you may find helpful as well. 

Best Practices for Using #Hashtags in Social Media Posts

IEEE Social Media Guidelines

Register your IEEE-associated social media profile

Digital Marketing Campaign Toolkit