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IEEE Website Templates

The IEEE web subsite templates, designed for use by IEEE employees and volunteers, contain IEEE WordPress themes for various IEEE entities such as conferences, local IEEE Sections and Regions, Student Branches, programs, services, and initiative websites.

image showing various IEEE sub-sites


Unless building a portal with significant integration points with other IEEE applications, most IEEE websites can easily use the template suite to save a significant amount of budget. In most cases, it is not cost-effective to build a new website from scratch. A contractor or agency can customize the template through Experience Design for a fraction of the cost of a new website, or the customization can be handled with in-house expertise.

You can either use the template package to build components from the ground up and customize each piece, or you can start with the “starter site” and customize from there which is the preferred option for most site managers. In both cases, you can create a wide range of design elements and content presentations that fall within the IEEE brand, which is crucial for building credibility and trust in your content.

With these options, you would be able to change the color scheme and design to fit the section needs, and use the approved WordPress content plug-ins as you see fit. The templates also come with a developer guide, as well as training videos for webmasters and site managers.