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When leading up to a conference or launching a key initiative, an integrated digital marketing campaign can help to generate “buzz” and encourage conversations. The following toolkits are “how-to” guides on how to plan and create your own digital campaigns along with tips on creating social media posts and where to obtain relevant images. Sample content is also included to help you get started.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking for the right tools to create a digital marketing campaign centered around Artificial Intelligence? Key topics might include machine learning, edge computing and automation. Find the right images, social media content, hashtags and other digital campaign elements in this toolkit.                    

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a broad sweeping topic with lots of nuances. If you are planning to launch a campaign to discuss topics like 5G, blockchain, sensors or other related topics, this toolkit has all of the appropriate resources to support you in your asset creation so that you have a clear message and call to action.

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Do you know how to weave Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality information into your digital marketing campaigns? If you are talking to your audience about gaming, intuitive control, digital storytelling or immersive experiences, this toolkit will help you create your campaign. Use this toolkit to find the right blog content, website landing pages, videos and more.

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Robotics is a primary area of expertise for many of our members, is of ongoing interest to our target audiences and is a part of the broad technology and scientific conversation. These topics might include automation, robots, computer programming languages and technology design. Use to help plan a content calendar, or to inspire your own digital campaign.

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From cryptocurrencies and hacking to multi factor authentication and blockchain, cybersecurity is a prominent topic for IEEE members. If you are planning to launch a digital marketing campaign and need the tools for your website, social media, blog or video, explore this campaign.

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Social Impact Themes

Social Impact campaigns focus on the larger social impact of technology. In this toolkit, you will find information related to Privacy and Security, Environmental Sustainability, Natural Capital, (technologies tied to space, air and water) Innovations in Infrastructure and Health and Wellness. Use this for your conferences, social media or to inspire your own digital campaign.

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