Templates, Tools, and Resources


Following are several tools available to the digital publishing community at IEEE. Some tools are provided to IEEE employees only and others are available for use by the wider digital publishing community.

Siteimprove: Siteimprove is a useful web-based tool that can help you to better manage the quality assurance on your site content. The tool crawls your site content looking for broken links and misspelled words.
View the Siteimprove Demo
Download the basic user guide for IEEE.org (DOCX, 347 KB)

Backlink Checker: An online tool that identifies links that point to any given URL. It is helpful to inform content migration, redirect setup, and content update processes.
Access link checker tool (works best in Chrome)

Icon Library: An icon is a small picture or symbol intended to help people quickly recognize a tool, site, function or file format. Icons should be consistent in their behavior, positioning, and design and should reinforce commonly used metaphors.
Download the IEEE icon library (ZIP, 246 MB) ZIP file contains 32 x 32 pixels icons in GIF and PNG formats, usage guidelines, and best practices

Image Optimizer/Resizer: A freely distributed program for tasks such as photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring.
Access GIMP

Accessibility Checklist: Use this information as a guide when assessing the accessibility of your site content. The information provided is used in order to comply with WCAG 2.0 Level A compliance per the IEEE Digital Style Guide. The information is relevant to multiple roles, whether you are a content editor, developer, or site manager.
Download the web accessibility quick checklist (PDF, 148 KB)

Digital Library: The Digital & Creative Innovations Team has an extensive library of books for use by IEEE employees on topics such as digital usability, design, information architecture, and much more.
Contact the IEEE Digital & Creative Innovations Team to get information on available titles

Redirects: Available for creating redirects within the "www.ieee.org" domain resulting in a shortened URL for IEEE sites. Available to IEEE employees, members, and volunteers maintaining digital content for Regions, Sections, Councils, Societies, Chapters, and Student Branches.
Access the IEEE URL Redirect Registration Form

The IEEE Digital Sub-sites Template System: Designed for use by IEEE volunteers and employees; contains starter templates and WordPress themes for student branches, sections, regions, and conferences.
View more details on the IEEE website templates