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IEEE Experience Design Team Project Process

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Where do I begin?

Make a request
You can initiate a project via the IEEE Experience Design (ExD) Team Contact Form.

How long does this take?
You will receive confirmation via email if your request was submitted. You can expect to hear from ExD within 2 business days.

What happens next?

Intake, estimating, and project management

  • Once the request is received, the ExD team will reach out for additional details if needed, or schedule a discovery call for larger projects.
  • ExD determines appropriate internal and external resource(s) to potentially support the project, with your input and feedback.
  • For larger projects, an intake call will be scheduled. This call will help us construct the project brief which will guide the project from inception to delivery. This brief will outline the goals, timing, risks, and other necessary project details.
  • Agency/contractor develops estimates. ExD confirms accuracy of estimate, evaluates approach, and negotiates pricing on your behalf (if necessary). If you wish to proceed, you will need to sign and return the estimate with your (34 digit) GL code. If the appropriate agency is not managed by ExD, we will advise you on getting your own PO for the need.
  • A project schedule is established and shared with you, so that you know what to expect and when based on your intended deadline.
  • ExD provides initial experience direction to the agency/contractor.

Note: Response time is important! Delays may affect deadlines and we want to help you keep the project on track.

How long does this take?
This is assessed based on project urgency and business need. It could be anywhere from 1 – 10 business days.

How does the project proceed?

Reviews and milestones

  • Agencies and contractors will supply concepts and deliverables in a series of milestones, based on the project needs
  • If the work done by the agency/contractor does not meet the request, ExD will send it back to be reworked.
  • If the work done by the agency/contractor simply requires edits, ExD will provide you with any required brand elements we plan to share with the agency/contractor along with experience recommendations to enhance the deliverable. We will then collect your feedback as the subject matter expert. This will streamline all comments and requested revisions.
  • The back and forth on deliverables and feedback will continue until all agree on finalizing the deliverable. Generally, three rounds of review are allocated for feedback. The more detailed feedback you provide up front, the more time and budget you will save in the process.

Note: You want to incorporate comprehensive feedback in the first round in order to save time and budget overall. If you go over the allotted hours in the estimate, additional charges may apply and we want to prevent this from happening.

How long does this take?
The time allotted for this phase is determined by the overall deadline. If the deadline is tight, the time allotted for reviews and feedback will reflect the overall project timing. Additional reviewers increases the time needed for this process. ExD will let you know when feedback is needed based on the project schedule.

What happens when the project is over?

Project closeout process

  • The agency/contractor will supply all final files for your project needs. The final source files will be uploaded to the Teamwork and the ExD creative server so that any further edits can be made in house OR by another agency/contractor at any time.
  • The ExD team will ask for your feedback on the project process, so that we may increase efficiency and experience for future projects.