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IEEE Experience Design Team Project Process

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How do you open a project request?

  • Initiate a project via the IEEE Experience Design (ExD) Team Contact Form. We recommend not contacting the vendor directly; route requests to ExD first.
  • You will receive an email confirmation and an ExD team member will contact you within 2 business days. 

What is the process to start a project?

  • Based on the size of the project, ExD will determine the appropriate resources to potentially support the project with your input and feedback. 
  • The ExD team will schedule a discovery call for large projects. For smaller efforts, a scope call will be scheduled with the appropriate/preferred vendor based on availability and scope of effort.
  • The discovery call helps define the project brief, which guides the project from inception to completion. The brief outlines the goals, timing, risks, and production details.
  • An ExD-approved agency or contractor will develop an estimate based on your input and the project brief.
  • ExD reviews the estimate for accuracy and project due date and negotiates the price.
  • If you wish to proceed, you will need to sign the estimate and provide a (34-digit) GL code for chargeback of services. If the agency/contractor is not an approved ExD vendor, we recommend securing your own Purchase Order (PO). 
  • After the PO is signed, a production schedule is developed so you will know what to expect based on the schedule and due date. 
  • ExD coordinates a project kickoff call with the agency/contractor and provides limited project management, creative supervision, and technical support.

What is the review process?

  • Agencies/contractors supply initial concepts.
  • Initial concepts go through ExD first to ensure they meet the goal of the project brief. 
  • Partners receive the next round for review. ExD and the agencies/contractors typically coordinate all feedback via an Adobe XD link that helps everyone to collaborate during reviews and feedback collection.
  • It is important to incorporate comprehensive comments in the first round in order to ensure you meet the delivery date and don’t go over budget.
  • Generally, three rounds of review are allocated for feedback. 
  • If the project exceeds three rounds of review, the project may go over budget and ExD will coordinate a solution. It is recommended to keep the rounds of review to no more than three to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of your project.

Do you have templates for marketing deliverables?

  • If you have a tight budget or need the project turned around quickly, ExD has a large library of templated solutions including banners, flyers, posters, websites, editable print and web ads, email and email banners, PowerPoint templates, reports, letterheads, business cards, certificates, badges, and postcards that can be updated with your branding colors, wordmark, photos, and copy. See current templates available for use.
  • ExD sends the agency/contractor the template and your assets.
  • The agency/contractor edits the template and makes recommendations to enhance the deliverable.

What happens when the project is over?

  • The agency/contractor sends all final deliverable files to the partner. All final files (including editable files) are sent to ExD at the end of the project.
  • All files are stored in Teamwork and on the ExD server.
  • If any edits are required in the future, they can be made in house or by an agency/contractor.
  • ExD will send a survey to you at the end of the project asking for feedback so we can improve our internal process and increase efficiency with our vendors.