IEEE Corporate Presentation Templates

Create new presentations and refresh existing ones by using the branded IEEE corporate presentation templates. Templates are available in high resolution and basic formats and support fullscreen as well as widescreen display on Windows and Mac computers.

Streamlined/basic presentation formats

Use the following basic versions of the IEEE presentation templates if you are working in areas with low internet bandwidth. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote versions are available below.

Template Format Fullscreen display Widescreen display
Microsoft PowerPoint Download template (PPTX, 325 KB) Download template (PPTX, 325 KB)
Google Slides (IEEE Account sign in required) View template (Google Drive link)
Keynote version for Mac Download template (KEY, 1.74 MB) Download template (KEY, 1.76 MB)

New PowerPoint options

View the complete catalog of Microsoft PowerPoint templates (PDF, 5 MB)

IEEE Corporate PowerPoint Alternate Color Series
These decks each contain a full set of slides in one color theme with coordinating imagery. Select IEEE Brand Blue or one of the 16 accent colors from the approved IEEE Brand Color Palette.


Color Color Name Widescreen display
IEEE Brand Blue Pantone 3015 Download template (PPTX, 1.7 MB)
Pantone 200 Red Download template (PPTX, 9.6 MB)
Pantone 137 Light Orange Download template (PPTX, 11.3 MB)
Pantone 109 Yellow Download template (PPTX, 11.6 MB)
Pantone 368 Lime Green Download template (PPTX, 3.4 MB)
Pantone 348 Green Download template (PPTX, 11.7 MB)
Pantone 254 Violet Download template (PPTX, 9.4 MB)
Pantone 320 Teal Download template (PPTX, 10.1 MB)
Cyan Download template (PPTX, 13.8 MB)
Pantone 208 Dark Red Download template (PPTX, 10.2 MB)
Pantone 158 Orange Download template (PPTX, 23 MB)
Pantone 123 Gold Download template (PPTX, 11.2 MB)
Pantone 370 Leaf Green Download template (PPTX, 13.1 MB)
Pantone 3425 Dark Green Download template (PPTX, 13.1 MB)
Pantone 2612 Purple Download template (PPTX, 4.4 MB)
Pantone 322 Dark Teal Download template (PPTX, 13.3 MB)
Pantone 295 Navy Blue Download template (PPTX, 13.5 MB)

IEEE Branded Presentation PowerPoint Templates

These decks each contain a full set of slides each with a unique design theme. These include a title slide, divider slide, text slide options, and a "Thank you" slide. Some options have placeholders for sub-brand logos.

Option A

Abstract Polygrams
(PPTX, 10 MB)

Option B

Global View 
(PPTX, 12 MB)

Option C

Brand Circuit
(PPT, 1 MB)

Option D

Event Series
(PPTX, 57 MB)

Report templates