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Ready to social-IEEE-ze?

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Ready to social-IEEE-ze?

Social media platforms are used to extend the IEEE brand and foster engagement with members, volunteers, and customers around the globe. Keeping up with this ever-changing online landscape requires continuous learning and skill building.

To support this, a set of social media toolkits has been developed for your use. You will find best practices, tips, and useful resources that will set you up for social media success, including:

  • Editable Social Media Templates: Leverage this suite of brand-compliant image templates to easily create posts for your IEEE-associated social channel.
  • Digital Advertising: Learn about the value of digital advertising, as well as what is involved in developing and implementing a paid social and digital advertising strategy across multiple channels.
  • Social Media Contests: Understand the different kinds of contests as well as the best practices for how to develop and execute an engaging contest on social media.
  • Communications & Social Media Author Toolkits: This toolkit contains tips, guidelines, and sample content for promoting your work yourself within your community, or by collaborating with your academic institution or organization.

Access these new resources on the IEEE Brand Experience site.
The image contains 3 toolkits: Social Media Templates, Digital Advertising, Social Media Content as well as a caption: Available now on the IEEE Brand Experience site!
Revisit the IEEE Social Media Guidelines to review overall social media best practices.

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