The IEEE Digital & Creative Innovations Team provides guidelines, resources, and tools for use by the IEEE digital publishing community.

Please note: Access to some content on this page is limited to IEEE members, volunteers, and employees and requires an IEEE Account and is noted.

Introduction to Usability and Accessibility
An overview of usability, user-centric design, and accessibility as well as related resources.

IEEE personas (PDF, 425 KB): The eight IEEE personas represent the different key user types of IEEE. They are differentiated primarily by each persona's key goals and desires for using and/or any digital sites within the IEEE Digital Presence.

IEEE Style Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 1 MB): This downloadable tri-fold document offers an overview of IEEE styles as an easy reference for your content writing efforts.

Introduction to Digital Analytics
Digital analytics help track visitor site activity and provide data for improving digital usability.

Training Resources for IEEE Digital Publishers
The IEEE Digital & Creative Innovations Team provides various training sessions for content providers.

IEEE User Experience (UX) Lab
The IEEE Digital & Creative Innovations Team offers tools to site managers and contributors to test their sites and apps on various desktop and mobile/tablet devices.

IEEE Help Desk Portal (IEEE employee sign-in required)
This application can be used by employees to log a problem or request with the IEEE Information Technology (IT) Department Help Desk.