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Recent website launches – Proceedings of the IEEE

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Recent website launches—Proceedings of the IEEE

Site name: Proceedings of the IEEE


Launch date: 17 December 2021

Site purpose: The Proceedings of the IEEE website underwent a recent redesign to align with the journal’s business and marketing goals. The new site consolidates information for readers, authors, editors, and the general public. It incorporates multimedia and video content and offers a refreshed look for the journal’s archive, history timeline, webinar library, and editorial board spotlight. The purpose is to create an accessible resource center with a contemporary look and feel that bridges the journal’s past, present, and future.

How does this affect the IEEE digital presence? The goal is to provide the audience with a dynamic and engaging web experience that is consistent with the IEEE brand and user experience. The redesigned website showcases the journal’s monthly issues, popular articles, webinars, interview videos, and more.

image showing part of the Proceedings of the IEEE home page