Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has unveiled the “Color of the Year” with growing fanfare. As color trends evolve and continue to shape the brands of the future, this year’s selected hue of blue has a very close resemblance to the IEEE Brand Blue, Pantone 3015.

The use of blue in company branding evokes feelings of trust, confidence, dependability and stability—aligning with our organization’s overarching mission and vision. It represents our promise of “unmistakably IEEE”  products, programs, services, events, and platforms.

Find out more about what the tried and true color of blue means.

Resources to help with use of the IEEE color palette:

Quick reference guide: Color formulas and tints

A user-friendly, quick reference guide for the IEEE color palette has been developed. This document features an at-a-glance view of the full palette, lists the formulas and tints of each Pantone color in CMYK and RGB, and includes instructions for how to add these colors to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). It is formatted to print easily on legal sized paper.

Download the Quick Reference Guide: Color formulas and tints (PDF, 500 KB).

IEEE Brand Identity quick reference guide

Brand identity quick reference guide
To provide guidance on brand basics, a user-friendly, quick reference guide for the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines has been developed. This document features a brief summary of the corresponding full guidelines, including our approved color palette and equivalent Hex formulas.

Download the IEEE Brand Identity Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 4MB). Physical copies of these guidelines are also available as a handy flip chart for your desk. Contact to get a copy.

animated image showing the importance of the IEEE "Brand Blue" color