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Interested in A/B testing? For free?

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Interested in A/B testing? For free?

Sample image depicting an A/B test graphicA/B testing is a great way to quickly confirm placement of critical call-to-action (CTA) links or buttons, or to gain quick understanding of user preferences in testing design, layout, or copy. 

The Experience Design can help you test variations of a web page design or even a website logo to help you make data-driven decisions. The team has a license from a tool called UsabilityHub, that allows you to test up to 3 versions of a design.

The UsabilityHub license includes the following tests:

  • 5 second tests: Measure the clarity of your design by asking what people recall after viewing it for just five seconds.
  • Click tests: Helps you measure how effective your designs are at letting users accomplish an intended task. Great for testing call-to-action links or buttons.
  • Navigation tests: Lets you see how effectively users navigate around your website or application.
  • Preference tests: Helps you confidently choose between design options by asking users which one they prefer.
  • Question tests: Get feedback through design surveys.

The study can be set up to be a combination or series of tests to get several areas of your website or design tested.