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What’s your type?

What’s your type?

Minding your Ps and Qs — literally

image of typeface lettersMany of us have heard the expression, “mind your ps and qs.” One unconfirmed theory of the origin of this expression stems back to when typesetters needed to be able to recognize these letters backwards, ensuring that the letters “p” and “q” were not mixed up inadvertently. The expression generally implies one being mindful of giving offense and behaving well. When it comes to use of typography that does not offend, we should be mindful of best-in-class practices and user experience as they pertain to use of our content and how it is delivered. It is imperative that use of typography on all print collateral and digital platforms aligns with the IEEE Brand and accessibility standards.

IEEE typefaces have been carefully chosen for ease of communications and for their legibility, flexibility, and adaptability with the other design elements.  


image of approved ieee font stylesFormata is the IEEE primary typeface. Formata, a sans serif font, must be used predominantly on all print applications. This typeface is available in many weights and styles that are essential to create distinction across all communications.

Calibri is the IEEE font to be used on all screen-based applications, such as Google Docs, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.

Open Sans is the IEEE established primary digital font for use in all digital applications. This font, like Formata, is modern and clean, with numerous weights available. Open Sans is one of the most widely accepted fonts in websites around the world because it was specially designed for screen readability and flexibility on different browsers. 

You can also learn more about typography in the digital space from this article, “Six Tips for Better Web Typography,” including ideal margin size, max-width for paragraphs, appropriate font hierarchy, text size, font weight, and more on setting type on the web and in mobile environments.

image of the brand identity guidelines cover page


Download the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines for more information about IEEE approved fonts and allowable alternates. These guidelines exist to create and maintain a unified family of brands so that together, we can ensure that the IEEE Brand continues to be recognized and respected throughout the world.

For questions about the established IEEE Brand fonts, please contact branding@ieee.org.